Natural Light Barn Wedding at King’s Crossing

I had the absolute best time photographing Wendy & Danial’s beautiful wedding at King’s Crossing Barn & Farm in Arcadia, Florida! Wendy and I have been working together as teachers for years! Even though we haven’t taught on the same grade level we share daughters close in age and live the same teacher’s kid life. After school playdates and dance mom talks occur on a regular basis!

I’ll never forget learning about how Wendy and Danial’s world was turned upside down in the midst of wedding planning! September 28th, 2022 their home was destroyed by hurricane Ian & their original wedding venue location was in disarray. In addition, their guest’s hotel accommodations on Ft. Myers Beach was no longer in existence. Their wedding was only 9 weeks away! When I saw King’s Crossing Barn & Farm post about helping brides affected by Ian, I encouraged Wendy to reach out! I was overjoyed that she did and booked this new venue!

Every moment of this wedding day was full of so much joy. Their family and friends were all so excited to be there celebrating them…and they came to PARTY! There was so much energy from the morning all the way through the end of the reception, and I had an absolute BLAST getting to document it all!

Wendy & Danial are truly best friends, and you can see it in the way they respect each other and laugh together. They have been through some of life’s hardest moments together, and it’s so apparent that it has built them such a powerful foundation for their marriage.

Bonus: Venue Tour

I had the opportunity to visit this new local venue during their dress rehearsal! King’s Crossing Barn & Farm is a bride and groom’s dream! This is the only venue of its kind! It’s temperature-controlled interior is perfect to escape our Florida heat! It’s getting ready room is fitted with three stylist chairs and mirrors, large sitting area and private bathroom. Many venues like this don’t have a back-up plan as beautiful as this barn. If it expected to rain, the interior of the barn is will make a gorgeous backdrop! The white white walls, natural wood and high ceilings make for a photographer’s dream!